Planning a Maui Wedding Vacation

Should we have a Maui morning wedding, or should we have a Maui sunset wedding?

Should we stay in a West Maui unit, with a spectacular ocean view of the lush green, friendly isle of Molokai and the former pineapple island of Lanai, or should we stay in a South Maui location, with an ocean view of the denuded, former target practice bombing island of Kaho'olawe?

When planning our Maui wedding vacation, should we book our stay at a big brand name Maui hotel, (and pay higher room fees and a larger portion of our travel budget, for wedding site use fees), or should we stay at a quality, affordable, wedding friendly, Maui property, (enabling us to extend our honeymoon stay, and/or live it up more)?

Can we hold our Maui wedding at a beautiful, semiprivate, oceanfront location, without paying any site use fees? If you contact us first, our answer is usually yes, subject to availability.

These are all very important questions that definitely will effect, the total cost of your Maui wedding vacation and your overall satisfaction level, of your Maui wedding vacation experience.

Some couples approach us to arrange their Maui wedding, after they are locked into a Maui accommodation with a security deposit. Couples often do not realize that by committing to a Maui accommodation first, before planning their wedding, they have limited their Maui wedding location choices and eliminated a number of great free, or excellent value, Maui wedding sites, for their Happy Maui Wedding to be held.

We have done our homework and research, to be able to provide you with recommendations for these important, pre-booking, Maui wedding vacation planning considerations.

In addition, because of the new, state wide, every island, every beach in Hawaii, DLNR rules for beach weddings, couples wishing to hold a ceremony that may include:

  • Beautiful, Large, Tropical Flower Arrangements
  • A Deluxe Wedding Package
  • More Than 20 people Total

These couples are now are limited to private property ceremony locations only. We have ideas for you that can save you hundreds to thousands of dollars, if you call us at: 808-667-7007, before you commit to your Maui accommodations with a deposit.

Because all of these Maui wedding planning issues are so closely interrelated, they are best discussed by telephone. Normal email correspondence is an impersonal means of communication. We always like to speak with our couples by phone, early in their Maui wedding planning stages, to provide happy information. This is crucial for something as intimately personal, as your special, Happy Maui Wedding

We are always searching for ways to provide our couples with the best overall value, for their Maui Wedding experience. These sincere efforts come back to please us, as one of our strongest sources for new wedding bookings, are referrals from Happy Maui Wedding alumni couples.

"If you search the world for happiness, you may find it in the end, for the world is round and will lead you back to your door."
Robert Brault