Our Happy Wedding Philosophy

  • We believe that your Happy Maui Wedding experience begins at the time of your initial contact with us.
  • We define A Happy Maui Wedding, as one that is arranged and performed with heart and sincerity, from the start to beyond the finish.
  • A couples Maui wedding experience should transcend the underlying notion of, "We are paying you this money, for these items and services".
  • At the very core of our approach to Maui weddings, is our aim to truly learn, feel and see what each couple envisions for their Happy day.
  • We can only fully understand and share a couple's vision, by encouraging each couple to communicate their thoughts to us.
  • It then becomes possible for us to make positive suggestions, based on our years of Hawaii wedding experience and Maui local knowledge.
  • We address each couples wedding desires with their best interest in mind.

Over the years, and after completing thousands of weddings on Maui, we have learned that it really doesn't matter to us, how much a couple spends on their wedding.

Couples who purchase our simplest package and thoroughly enjoy it to the point of gifting us with kind words of appreciation or by sending us a thank you postcard after they've returned home, makes us happier than if they had purchased one of our more elaborate packages and said nothing to us at all.

By maintaining a low overhead and desiring to stay a small, personable, family operation, we are blessed with the ability to sustain this fresh approach to the way in which we operate.

Many of our couples send us Christmas cards and stay in touch with us, sometimes returning to Maui, year after year, for anniversary vacations. We always enjoy hearing from our Happy Maui alumni couples.

This kind of positive interaction makes everyone, very happy.

Arranging and performing Happy Maui Weddings is our way of life.

We find our center, in the heart felt facilitation, of a meaningful life process.

This for us has become, a purpose for living.

"Life in common among people who love each other is the ideal happiness."
George Sand