Maui Proposal Package

Pop the Big Question In a Very Special, Very Maui Way

  • If you love your fiance and you would like to ask her for her hand in marriage.
  • If you would like to do this in a unique way that she will never forget.
  • If you would like for each of you to be able to look back upon, and remember this most important moment for years to come, captured through the magic of digital photography.
  • If in the future you would like to think of this momentous event and smile, knowing that you did it the right way.

If this is your scenario, the innovative team at A Happy Maui Wedding has an idea for you.

The Happy Maui Proposal Package includes at least 100 digital images on CD, two fresh flower leis, and your custom: "I Have a Question For You" keepsake seashells.

Picture the two of you strolling along a beautiful Maui beach.

As you feel the soft white sand between your toes, you find yourself immersed in a warm and tranquil feeling, that may only be found in the paradise that is Maui.

You hear the peaceful sound of Pacific Ocean waves lapping at the Maui shoreline as you stroll onward.

All of a sudden you spot a beautiful seashell partially buried in the sand. You do a double take on this shell, and your fiance sees it too. Unknowingly she picks it up. Little does she know that this is no ordinary seashell, as this shell is connected to another shell, and another, and another. She discovers that each shell has writing on it, and she reads these words to you as she picks up the shells. "I...Have...A...Question...For...You..." This is when you drop down on one knee and pop the big question!

A member of the Happy Maui Team is seated on a beach towel near the location of the last shell, and has captured the whole event for you, with a high quality digital SLR camera. After the proposal your photographer continues your Happy Maui photo shoot with fun and romantic poses by the seaside.

Most couples have wedding photos...but how many people have images of her spontaneous reaction to this special moment? Book your Happy Maui Marriage Proposal Package now to ensure that you capture this once in a lifetime event in paradise forever!

Pop the big question on Maui, with A Happy Maui Wedding!

Price: $475.00 + tax

"There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved."
George Sand