Maui Wedding Flowers

Beautiful Maui flowers are fantastic to behold.

Their wonderful colors and shapes in your wedding photos and video will bring smiles to your faces for years to come.

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Tropical flowers provide a true sense of place. When included in the decor of a Maui wedding, couples seem to be taken by the happy feeling that, "Yes, we really are getting married on Maui"!

Our interest in Maui flowers extends beyond making them available to our wedding couples. We love them too!

Constantly developing innovative, new, wedding floral designs for our couples' Happy Maui Weddings, is something that we enjoy doing.

Plumerias are the tropical flower of love and happiness in The Hawaiian Islands. Well before the age of modern air travel, hundreds of lengthy, luxurious and fragrant plumeria leis were presented to delighted visitors, friends and family returning from overseas, upon arrival at Honolulu and Lahaina Harbors on “Boat Days”. It is said that this was truly a sight to be seen.

The wonderful fragrance, happy colors and tropical nature of the exotic Plumeria flower, all combine to yield a magnificent Happy Maui Wedding bridal bouquet that is truly unique and desirable.

Haku head leis, make a bride feel very special on her big day.

The delicate glow of our Happy Maui Plumeria Haku head leis have been known to light a bride up with beauty, almost as if by magic.

The wearing of a radiant haku head lei has traditionally been, the ultimate finishing touch adorned upon brides in Hawaii, for centuries.

Carefully crafted bride’s & bridesmaid’s Plumeria hairpieces as well as Plumeria wristlets, Plumeria anklets and Plumeria groom’s and groomsmen’s boutonnieres, provide wonderfully cheerful illuminated accents, that enhance people’s feelings and your wedding photos too.

Share the Aloha with fresh flower leis presented by the bride and groom to friends and loved ones during the ceremony ! Elevate the happiness by asking us to arrange additional additional fresh flower leis for everyone in your Happy Maui Wedding party ! Show your most important ones the appreciation in your heart ! Thank them their efforts to be with you on Maui ! Your closest people will feel like they are part of the ceremony too, when you present them a beautiful fresh flower lei, on your special day !

One of the design objectives for our, "Happy Maui Wedding Kahilis”, was to elevate the beautiful colors of tropical flowers up high on location at private property ceremonies. Highly placed wedding flowers most effectively enhance a couples photographic and video wedding documentation.

In ancient times, pairs of brightly colored, feather decorated, Kahilis, flanked Hawaiian nobility during special events. While the colorful little birds from which these feathers came, are now very endangered or extinct, we continue the tradition in a happy way by utilizing a brightly colored, renewable resource. We adorn our Happy Maui Wedding Kahilis with vibrantly colored Anthurium flowers, to treat our couples like royalty on their wedding day.

Our Happy Maui Bridal Walk Arrangements bring a touch of tradition to our outdoor, private property, weddings. The carefully thought out framework of this Maui wedding flower arrangement enhances a number of different ceremony and after wedding ceremony, inclusion possibilities.

We encourage our Happy Maui couples to take the flowers from their arrangements with them, after the wedding and enjoy them in their honeymoon room, for the rest of their Maui wedding vacation.

When a couple loves the flowers that we have provided, it makes us very happy too!

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"The best vitamin to be a happy person is B1."
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