Why West is Best on Maui

The Ka'anapali Resort Area is Hawaii's first planned resort community. In the late 1950's, the developers of Ka'anapali had many locations to choose from across the state. It is not surprising that they selected this unique location at that early time, shortly after Hawaii became the 50th State.

Geographically, Ka'anapali Beach faces nearly due west. Ka'anapali's leeward positioning is also the reason that the cooling, offshore trade winds make the ocean appear so inviting here. In Hawaii, northeast trade winds prevail 80% of the year, on average.

At Ka'anapali, the long and gently curving beach and beautifully maintained, mini-strand, walk way, are truly joys to stroll upon at any time of the day or evening.

As you walk along the mini-strand, you'll notice a number of sailing and power vessels anchored majestically just offshore. This is the Ka'anapali fun fleet. No other location on Maui offers a wider range of ocean activities for honeymoon couples to enjoy, than Ka'anapali.

For athletic honeymooners, Ka'anapali is the only resort area on Maui, to feature parasailing and jet skiing just offshore.

Many parasail Captains will fly couples in tandem, together in the parachute, if requested. Couples sometimes purchase two inexpensive water resistant disposable cameras. One to bring up with them for fantastic Maui aerial photos and one to leave with the crew member, to capture the two of you together in the Ka'anapali sky. On Maui, these cameras are widely available for $10 to $15 dollars.

You may want to try your luck at angling for Pacific Blue Marlin, Yellow Fin Tuna, Mahimahi and Ono. The largest Marlin ever caught, in any fishing tournament in the world, was taken during the 1993 Lahaina Jackpot, Maui Tournament. It weighed 1,201.8 pounds.

Maui scuba diving charters are available in Ka'anapali. Another popular Maui wedding vacation activity is to jump aboard one of the fun fleets inflatable shuttle boats and be whisked away for a day of picnic cruising and snorkeling in the clear Maui waters.


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