Why West Is Best On Maui

There are many other great locations and things to see on this beautiful island of Maui, however we recommend West Maui, as the finest place for your wedding and the best place from which to launch the rest of your Maui explorations.

The island of Maui has more than twice as many white sand beaches than any other island in Hawaii. Maui's most beautiful beaches are found along it's western coastline and many are fantastic wedding and vow renewal locations.

The sparkling beach sand was created from the numerous species of live corals and sea shells inhabiting Maui's vibrant coastal waters. It is soft and fluffy and it feels good between your toes. Along this magical coastline, you will find the only non-rural place in Hawaii to behold, two tropical islands rising dramatically from the deep blue sea. The Friendly Island of Molokai and The Pineapple Island, Lanai. The visual influence of Molokai and Lanai, being so close to Maui and so prominent, result in unique coastal wedding photo opportunities.

We have been fortunate to live in West Maui since 1994 and we know this area very well.

A number of Churches, condos and private residences offer their sites to Maui wedding couples for a fee. Our Happy Wedding Packages may be modified to include one of these "pay for use" wedding locations.

We have special arrangements for fantastic, free, private property wedding sites too, subject to your group size, wedding inclusions and your accommodation stay selection. So why pay for an expensive, hotel wedding site use fee ? Call us first, before you book your accommodations, for money saving ideas.

For Happy Maui Beach Weddings, please call us at: 808-667-7007 and provide us with your arrival & departure dates, desired time of day, (morning or sunset) and your wedding party size, so that we can advise you accurately and properly, with regard to a best specific beach wedding site, based upon our local knowledge and your desires.

The beaches along the West Maui Coast are so magnificent, you just have to see them, to believe that they are real!

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