Maka Pueo

Maka Pueo Exclusive & Very Private Gazebo Ceremony Location in Fabulous Upcounty Kula Maui Available Only With Hale Puu Paradise Cottage Stay. Please Call Us At 808-667-7007 For Further Details.

Maka Pueo “The Owls Eye View” Upcountry Maui, Wedding Gazebo

The Maka Pueo Gazebo is named after the incredible view that Hawaiian Owl, (or “Pueo”), must be gifted with, as it soars in the clear blue skies, high above the lushly fertile slopes of spectacular, Haleakala, (house of the rising sun volcano), in the peace and tranquility of upcountry, Kula, Maui.

This unique gazebo is perched up high on a hilltop for incredible Haleakala, Ocean, Lanai Island, Central Valley and West Maui Mountains Views. It is ideal for couples desiring to elope and/or experience a completely private, intimate wedding or vow renewal ceremony with a party size of no more than 20 persons.

The Maka Pueo Gazebo, features full and complete ceremony privacy making your little wedding or vow renewal, a very exclusive event. Wonderful ceremony and after ceremony photo opportunities abound upon the grounds of The Maka Pueo Estate.

Yours, (or a family members), minimum 2 night stay, at the freshly renovated, 3 bedroom, 2 bath, Hale Puu Cottage for just $150 per night for 2 to 4 people, ($50 extra per person per night for up to 6 people maximum in the cottage), Weekly Rate $1000 for up to 4 with each additional person at $50 per night per person and the purchace of the, “Maka Pueo Wedding/Renewal Package”, available exclusively through A Happy Maui Wedding LLC are required pre-requisites to enable your ceremony to be held at The Maka Pueo Gazebo.

Please click here to view The Maka Pueo Wedding or Vow Renewal Package.

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